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Creativity Research Laboratory

The CR-Lab is a sacred space where we practice sozidonics (the study of the complex phenomenon of creativity). In this Lab his we explore our creativity. We challenge ourselves over and over again, we fail, experiment and have a blast while doing so. All projects are self-initiated. We love to collaborate with like-minded people of all kind, always in friendship when we do so. It is an act of creativity. An act of humanity.

Welcome to the our Playground.

Zine #1

A visual dialogue between photographer Bert Stephani and Bobbi Watson.
Limited Edition of 23. RISO printed in black & white.

Creativity Research_Zine 120.jpg
Creativity Research_Zine 1.jpg
Creativity Research_Zine 113.jpg
Creativity Research_Zine 120.jpg
To the edge.jpg
For the ripples.jpg

A3 RISO print

Limited Edition A3 print. RISO printed on paper.

Rule #7

Don't take yourself so seriously is the most important rule we work by in our studio.

To the edge.jpg

New project

Limited Edition A3 print. RISO printed on paper.

The world is spinning

Set of posters to encourage courage. Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?

Courage N°1.jpg
Courage N°2.jpg
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